Seeking Fair And Equitable Division Of Assets

The division of property during a divorce is often a contested issue that can affect an individual's future financial stability. If you are going through a divorce, it is important that you have an experienced attorney representing your interests.

At The Powell Law Firm, our experienced lawyers seek fair and equitable resolutions. We understand that the less money our clients spend on attorneys' fees and court costs, the more money they have for their families, which is why our family law lawyers make every effort to minimize the financial and emotional cost of divorce.

We understand that most people want the most inexpensive yet fair divorce they can get. The fact is, battling over small details when dividing assets is inefficient and costly. At The Powell Law Firm, we make careful cost/benefit analyses to get our clients' the best overall results. While there are straightforward options in most cases, our experience means we are prepared to address the most complicated marital estates.

Texas: A Community Property State

Texas is a community property state. Community property includes all property generated during the marriage, including retirement funds. There are some exceptions, including gifts and inheritances. After the court determines what is community property and what is separate property, it divides the community property between the parties. In a community property state, both sides are entitled to a fair distribution of all community property.

Separate property includes assets that were gained before the marriage, as well as gifts and inheritances. With few exceptions, all of a family's community property will be divided by the court in a fair and equitable manner. Many divorcing individuals argue that their spouses did not work or that their spouses never cared for the children. Such arguments do not work in Texas. Texas focuses on what is fair and equitable, not who worked and who watched the children.

People are often concerned about hidden assets. We know how to identify attempts to conceal assets and how to take action if one spouse is wasting assets.

Learn More About Division Of Assets

Our family law attorneys focus on what is best for our clients. We know that the issues involved in divorce have a significant impact on their future stability. We strive to solve issues efficiently and effectively through mediation and negotiation, if possible. If we must go to court to protect your interests, however, we are experienced trial attorneys.

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