Experienced In Complex Division Of Assets

While it is important to work with an experienced attorney in any divorce, divorces involving complex marital estates increase the importance of legal representation. Failure to address multiple properties, savings, retirements, business ownership interests and other complex assets adequately could result in significant losses.

At The Powell Law Firm, we help clients with a wide range of complex asset issues in divorce and family law. Our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience representing clients in Pearland, Houston and the surrounding area of Texas. We can help you understand your options and make informed decisions to protect your financial interests in divorce.

Factors That Can Make Asset Division More Complex

Although complex marital assets are found most commonly in gray divorces (divorces involving people over 50 years old), couples in any age bracket can have complicated assets to divide in divorce. Out lawyers help clients of all ages with complex marital estate matters involving:

  • High-asset divorce: Separation and divorce involving significant assets can involve complications. Our lawyers help clients determine the scope of assets, recognize tax and other implications and distribute assets favorably.
  • Hidden assets: Our attorneys help clients uncover instances of hidden or wasted assets in complex marital estates.
  • Division of businesses: When one or both spouses have business ownership interests in a divorce, complications can arise involving valuation of the business's debts and assets, and keeping the business operating while dividing its value.
  • Division of investments: Our attorneys help clients with dividing spouses' 401(k) and other investments in divorce. While investments of this kind can be complicated to divide in a divorce before they are liquidated, our lawyers bring decades of combined experience and knowledge to help clients divide these assets favorably.
  • Estate planning: Our lawyers understand the alterations that need to be made to clients' wills and other estate planning instruments to accommodate changes in beneficiaries, available assets and debts.

Dealing with property division in divorce can take a great deal of time and effort. When a divorce is contentious and drawn out in the courtroom, the cost and time involved to reach resolution is only increased. Attorney John Powell III is credentialed as a Mediator recognized by the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, and he is a member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators and the Texas Association of Mediators. We use alternative dispute resolution to help clients find amicable and efficient distribution of complex marital estates.

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