Will Alimony Play A Role In Your Divorce?

Courts in Texas do not take a one-size-fits-all approach when determining whether spouses are entitled to what is commonly referred to as alimony, or how much they are entitled to. There are many factors that a court will look to when deciding whether to make temporary or ongoing support available.

Recent changes in the law affect how courts consider these issues. At The Powell Law Firm, we stay on the cutting edge of developments in family law. Our attorneys understand these modifications to alimony laws and have experience getting cases decided in our clients' favor. If you are going through a divorce, we can make sense of the new legal landscape of spousal support and maintenance.

Understanding Your Alimony Rights And Obligations

In Texas, alimony is composed of three distinct forms of payments made from one spouse to another:

  • Spousal support is money paid to one spouse during a divorce proceeding.
  • Spousal maintenance is money paid to one spouse following the finalization of a divorce judgment.
  • Contractual alimony is money that one spouse agrees to pay another in a private contract outside the requirement of the Texas Family Code.

Generally, a couple must have been married for at least 10 years for a spouse to be eligible for spousal maintenance. Exceptions can be made in cases where the spouse to pay support has been convicted of committing a violent act against the spouse receiving support or the couple's children. Exceptions are also made in cases where the spouse seeking support is prevented by a disability from providing for himself or herself.

These laws have recently been amended to increase the length of time that spouses in longer marriages are eligible to receive maintenance. The experienced lawyers of The Powell Law Firm can assess your situation and determine what spousal support and maintenance you might be eligible to receive.

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