Creative Custody Schedules Make A Difference

The Houston area is home to many industries that require workers to travel extensively or otherwise be on a nontraditional schedule. Whether you work at the Houston Medical Center as a health care provider, in the oil industry as a shift worker or simply have a unique work schedule, the obligations that your career imposes can impact the outcome of a child custody proceeding during a divorce.

We at The Powell Law Firm in Pearland have helped many workers in Texas get the best possible custody arrangements in spite of their work constraints. Our attorneys know how to negotiate a timesharing agreement that a judge is likely to approve and serves your children's best interest.

Guidance For Gas And Oil Employees

When our clients spend weeks at a time on an oil rig or travel frequently for work, a traditional custody order will simply not work. Judges are amenable to creative custody agreements, however. In fact, courts like when couples are able to resolve disputes out of court and need only formal court approval of their agreed-upon parenting plan.

It is important for nontraditional shift workers to realize that the best interest of their children needs to be the highest priority when negotiating a custody agreement. Relinquishing legal custody of children will in many cases allow parents who have to leave for extended periods to spend more time with their kids when they return home. It is better to acknowledge the restrictions that shift work imposes and negotiate a custody plan that everyone can agree with; a judge will almost always approve of parents who work together for their kids.

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