Planning For Divorce And Separation

For some married couples struggling in their relationships, separation can be an opportunity to get some space from each other, reassess the situation and make a clear decision as to whether divorce is truly the best option.

At The Powell Law Firm in Pearland, Texas, we focus on providing strategic family law and divorce planning representation, including counsel and representation in separation matters.

What Is Legal Separation?

Although Texas law does not have a statutory regulation for separation, many couples choose an informal separation. Informal separation is outside of the legal system, but there are still many legal considerations for couples to consider.

Couples with children need to work out parenting plans that include all of the child custody issues. In some cases, couples need to discuss the potential division of retirement and savings plans, and other asset division matters. Although a divorce does not always result from a separation, it is important to prepare for the eventual possibility in order to make sure your financial interests are protected and that you are ready if a divorce happens.

Our lawyers utilize our extensive divorce and family law experience to help clients protect their interests in separation. We will take the time to learn about your situation and your interests to help make sure you understand your options to make smart decisions for your future.

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