Decades Of Experience Probating Wills

Whether you are a potential beneficiary or will administrator, it is critical to execute the will carefully and in full compliance with the laws that regulate probate. To probate a will in Texas can be a confusing road for most people, but it can be a tremendous help to work with a lawyer who knows the landscape and can help you navigate the legal process to protect your interests.

At The Powell Law Firm, we represent clients in Pearland, Houston and the surrounding area through the process of probating wills. With more than 20 years of legal experience, we can help protect your rights and make sure the will is probated correctly.

  • Application for probate: This is a simple petition that is filed with the court to request a will go through probate.
  • Hearing with the court: The court has a formal hearing to determine the best way to proceed.
  • Administering the will: In some cases, the court allows the administration of a will to go through with minimal court oversight. This is called "independent administration." Other situations require more formal court supervision, a process called "court-directed administration" or "dependent administration." Our lawyers can provide you with sound counsel and help through either dependent or independent administration of a will.
  • Transfer of assets: Our attorneys help clients satisfy debts, locate beneficiaries and transfer assets according to the will or according to statute if there is no will.
  • Probate disputes: Our lawyers use mediation and litigation to resolve disputes that arise over validity of wills and breach of fiduciary duty claims.

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