Understanding Types Of Probate

Probate is complicated anywhere in the country, but the different forms of probate process in Texas can be particularly challenging for will administrators and potential heirs and beneficiaries. The independent and dependent administration options in Texas are unfamiliar to many people, especially those who have never been through either of these processes before.

At The Powell Law Firm, our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you probate an estate. We represent clients in Pearland, Houston and the surrounding areas with estate settlement and administration. We will provide you with sound counsel and representation through the probate process.

Independent Administration

Most of the time, estates go through probate independent of court oversight, which is called independent administration. An estate can go through independent administration if the will names an executor and specifically states that it should pass in this manner, or if the heirs and beneficiaries agree to have the executor serve in this fashion if there is no will or if the will doesn't specifically dictate independent administration.

The administrator in independent administration can transfer assets to creditors and beneficiaries without court approval and doesn't need to make regular accounting with the court.

Court-Directed Administration

Conversely, an estate can go through court-directed administration or "dependent administration." In this format, an administrator of the will is prohibited from performing official actions on behalf of the estate and must file regular accountings with the court regarding the estate's financial status.

At The Powell Law Firm, our lawyers understand the various processes involved with probating wills and other estate and probate matters. Whether you are dealing with independent or court-directed administration, we can protect your interests through the process.

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