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Deciding to adopt a child, whether your stepchild or through an adoption agency, is one of the most fulfilling acts that parents can undertake. Frequently, however, the adoption process can be long and cumbersome.

At The Powell Law Firm, our attorneys are dedicated to making this process go as smoothly as possible for our clients at a minimum of time and expense. We know that the adoption process can be overwhelming for many parents, and we are here to provide guidance during this sensitive time.

The Adoption Process

There are several requirements that must be met when adopting a child. For example, both married parents must join a petition for adoption. Except with adoptions by a child's grandparent, aunt, uncle or stepparent, the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services must prepare a report on the history of the child. This includes health and educational records, genetic history and other available social information.

Adoption can also involve the transfer of significant amounts of money. Our family law lawyers have experience managing the payments that are associated with adopting a child. We understand the investment of time and financial resources that our clients make when pursuing adoption; our role is to make the process as seamless as possible.

*It is important to note that it is a crime to provide any sort of payment or remuneration of any kind in exchange for the adoption of a child.

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