Focusing On The Needs Of The Children

Parents are always concerned about the effects of a divorce on their children, and how it will affect the time a parent spends with his or her children. At The Powell Law Firm, our family law attorneys understand the importance of working toward efficient and effective resolutions, while always focusing on the best interests of the children.

Especially when children are involved, it is important for parents to work together to create a plan that supports their children. At our Texas law firm, our divorce lawyers help parents create effective parenting plans through negotiation, mediation and litigation. We have helped parents with child custody issues in the context of many family law matters.

Texas Custody Disputes

We customize our representation based on the needs of the case. Our experience means we know that a case involving custody of an infant will be different than a case involving custody of a teenager. We strive for creative custody arrangements that make sense for all involved.

During a custody dispute, the parents or the court decides which parent will have which rights and duties in regard to their children. Parents who reach these agreements on their own with minimal court intervention are more likely to have an effective agreement. Parents with less control over the court-ordered arrangement are more likely to seek further court intervention in the future.

In Texas family law, there is no such term as "joint custody." Rather, Texas uses terms such as "joint managing conservators" and "sole managing conservator," to describe a parent's rights and duties to his or her child.

If the rights and duties to a child are split between the child's parents, the parents are joint managing conservators. The rights and duties do not have to be split equally for the parents to be joint managing conservators.

If only one parent has authority to make decisions for the children, that parent is the sole managing conservator. Often, the other parent still has a right to see his or her children. This other parent is a possessory conservator.

Parenting plans are never permanent. They can be modified, which is often needed if there is a relocation. We can assist with making changes as well as enforcing these plans.

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By giving candid evaluations, being accessible to our clients and encouraging alternative dispute resolution methods, our attorneys strive to help our clients reach efficient and effective child custody agreements. We pursue fair and equitable resolutions, and we seek to minimize the emotional and financial cost of divorce and child custody disputes.

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