Unique Concerns In Infant Child Custody Cases

Texas courts consider custody arrangements for children under 3 differently than they do for older children. When parents separate during a pregnancy or while children are young, they can benefit from representation by a lawyer with experience creating special custody plans for children under 3.

The attorneys of The Powell Law Firm are here to provide help to parents who want to look out for the best interest of their children. As a member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators, John Powell III knows how to get his clients and the other parent to reach an agreement on sharing custody of children until they reach the age of 3, when a standard possession order can take effect.

Custody Arrangements Based On The Totality Of Circumstances

Courts will approve a custody arrangement for children under 3 based on the totality of the circumstances. There are many factors that a judge will consider, including:

  • The effect on the child that may result from separation from either party
  • The physical, medical, behavioral and developmental needs of the child
  • The child's need to develop healthy attachments to both parents
  • The child's need for continuity of routine

A creative conservatorship plan can be developed that introduces children to the noncustodial parent over a period of time until the child reaches age 3 and a standard order can be approved.

Courts like — and are likely to approve — custody plans worked out by parents who were willing to compromise for their children's benefit. We know how to come up with a plan that works for children, parents and courts.

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