Relocation Of Children

In Texas, judges issuing custody orders will frequently limit the ability of the parent with primary custody to move outside a specific geographic area. In many cases, this area is the county in which the parent resides and any adjacent counties.

For example, if a child lives with a parent in Brazoria County, the parent will typically be required to live in Brazoria County or Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris or Matagorda.

A request to relocate with a child outside a prescribed geographic zone can introduce discord into even the most amicable of custody agreements. At The Powell Law Firm, our lawyers have decades of experience handling family law matters; this helps us provide our clients with the best representation to protect their parental rights and do what is right for their children.

Parental Relocation

A court considering a request for relocation outside an already-established area will look at several factors and determine whether, in balance, a move is in the best interest of a child. If the noncustodial parent who also lives in the area moves out of the prescribed region, then the custodial parent will not need judicial approval to relocate.

Legal Help For Parents In The Military

Relocation issues often arise among families where one or both parents are in the military. The Powell Law Firm is committed to helping our military families deal with the difficulty of divorce.

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