Enforcing Your Child Custody Order

After divorce, many people are surprised to discover that the divorce order or agreement is not the end. A judge handing down a decree is one thing, but the spouses still have to follow the judge's order. When one parent fails to provide possession and access to the other parent, an experienced attorney needs to bring a legal claim to protect the parent's rights.

If you are having difficulties with your ex-spouse or partner involving fulfillment of a child custody order, talk with a lawyer from our firm to get the help you need. At The Powell Law Firm, we have more than 20 years of experience representing clients throughout Pearland, Houston and surrounding areas of Texas.

Failure To Follow Child Custody Orders

Some common instances of failure to comply with parenting plans can include failure to drop the child off at the appointed time and place, attempts to move the child out of the state or immediate area, and similar behavior that prevents you from having access to your child according to the custody order.

You have a number of options when this comes up. Most commonly, people will file a petition for a contempt of court order or similar penal actions against the other parent. Another option is to work with the court to modify the existing court order. Depending on the state of the relationship between you and your ex-spouse, you could also mediate the issue and try to work out these matters outside of the courtroom.

At The Powell Law Firm, we work with each client individually, to understand the situation and determine the best course of action. If possible, we will use mediation or other means to resolve the conflict efficiently and with a minimum of contentious litigation, but if needed, we will fight for your rights aggressively in the courtroom.

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