Guided Uncontested Divorce

When the original goals and dreams of their marriage have not been reached, a quickly-growing population of Texans find themselves needing a divorce, but wishing to avoid the high costs and pressures of the litigation process. Negotiating the unfamiliar terrain of the Texas Family Code, when the parties find themselves in a High Asset Divorce, or with complex children's issues to face upon separation, can be a daunting task to overcome while still attempting to avoid litigation.

Based in Pearland, attorney~mediator John Powell III assists couples who wish to work out the terms of their divorce in an amicable manner to conserve costs and reduce frustration and argument. Using honed skills as a mediator and the experience gained in more than 20 years of Family Law practice John assists couples to generate options, understand those options, engaging in a discussion and evaluation process with the couple to determine what is best for the children as well as what will result in an agreeable division of the parties' estate. The process requires a commitment to cooperation and compromise.

Likewise, the laws regarding the children of divorcing marriages are complex, seemingly filled with ambiguity, and are difficult to understand. Most often, the problem is that the parties cannot comprehend how the existing statutory construction can be moved from its apparent "cookie-cutter" approach, to be customized to form a Creative Custody Schedule or a possession schedule for the Custody of a child under 3 years of age. Again, this is where the advice of an experienced Family Law attorney is crucial.

A lawyer may not represent both parties to the same litigation. However, the party actually represented can direct the attorney to assist the parties to come to a resolution of the complex legal matters facing them by explaining how the legal system works, and presenting options which may work better than just what is commonly understood to be available. A Business owner or business partner, or spouses with issues involving Division Of Retirement And Investments, will very likely need to know how the legal system usually operates to divide assets between spouses upon divorce -- even when the divorce terms will be reached by agreement. The lawyer has the knowledge and can share it during a conference session of the parties, with transparency and disclosure of all the rights and duties involved. Such an environment is conducive to reaching agreements.