Guiding Business Owners Through Divorce

The difficulties that accompany divorce often increase when spouses have been partners in business as well as partners in marriage. While starting a business together or jointly investing in one can be a wonderful way to enrich married life, it can present additional hurdles in a divorce situation.

The family law attorneys of The Powell Law Firm are here to help individuals negotiate their way through a divorce complicated by business concerns. As a member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators and the Texas Association of Mediators, John Powell III is experienced in mediating cases where spouses have joint business interests that need to be settled. Whether the goal is continued business partnership or a complete severance of ties, our Pearland firm works to get what is best for our clients and their enterprise.

Distinguishing Between Personal Goals And Business Goals

The need for a divorce lawyer with experience in business matters can arise under several scenarios. Sometimes, couples start a business together while they are married. In other cases, one spouse starts a business during the course of the marriage. Alternatively, one spouse could be in a business partnership with other individuals. Finally, a couple may jointly own substantial stock in a business.

In all these cases, it is important to distinguish personal divorce goals from expectations regarding business success. We know how difficult it can be to start and run a successful enterprise. When our clients have been able to accomplish this, we encourage them to find a way to keep the business up and running. We negotiate agreements in which one spouse will acquire the other's stock or business interest. In other cases, the spouses may be able to continue as business partners after a divorce.

Our Legal Team Works To Protect Your Business Interests

When business assets are on the table, it is important to know exactly what is at stake. We partner with a leading private investigator in business matters to conduct thorough investigations of business dealings. We also work with forensic accountants and business valuation experts to get a complete picture of a business's health. These all help us provide our clients with the best possible representation and go after everything they are entitled to in a divorce.

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