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When Child Custody Disputes Go Too Far

Child custody cases can become extremely contentious. They can quickly escalate into situations involving parental alienation. This is when one parent attempts to pit the child against the other parent. In the most extreme cases, one parent may go so far as to kidnap their own child, which can have serious consequences and can present major challenges for the other parent.

Parental Kidnapping And Criminal Charges

Parents desperate to protect their relationship with their children may go to great lengths to do so. They may believe they are doing the right thing. However, parents who attempt to circumvent child custody laws or take the law into their own hands will suffer the consequences.

An article in the Washington Post details the case of a mother who was recently convicted of a felony for kidnapping her own daughters and keeping them hidden from their father for more than two years. She is now facing serious fines and time behind bars.

How Could A Parent Keep Children Hidden For Two Years?

The mother took her two daughters to a ranch 200 miles away. At that time, the girls were 13 and 14 years old. The ranch owners said they took the girls shopping, to restaurants, to run errands, etc. At no time did either girl try to run or indicate that they were unhappy. Both girls had access to the internet and telephones. Neither of them asked to talk with their father.

During the divorce and child custody battle, both girls accused their father of abuse on multiple occasions. The court appointed a psychologist to meet with each daughter individually. The psychologist concluded the mother lied to the girls and brainwashed them to believe that they had been mistreated by their father.

Do Not Allow Child Custody Battles To Get Out Of Hand

Child custody disputes can escalate quickly. To minimize the chances of such escalation and to protect yourself in the event that something like this does occur, you want to make certain you have an attorney on your side who is experienced in these matters. You can find that attorney at The Powell Law Firm. 

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