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November 2020 Archives

Handling Credit Card Debt in a Divorce

Debt is never a pleasant thing to think about and is an issue that becomes even more complicated if you and your spouse are divorcing. Indeed, if you are divorcing and you, your spouse, or both of you have credit card debt, you may be wondering how that debt will be divided in a divorce. At the law office of John Powell III, P.C., our experienced divorce lawyer can answer all of your questions and provide you with counsel as you navigate the divorce process. Call today for your free consultation.

Unmarried Fathers Have Custody Rights?

You might think that your marital status has nothing to do with your rights as a father in Texas, but you would be wrong. If you are unmarried at the time of your child’s birth, it is very important that you learn about our state’s paternity laws and your rights as an unmarried father. For answers to all of your tough questions about your rights as a father, call the office of John Powell III, P.C. today

What Happens When Both Spouses Want the House

One of the hardest parts of getting a divorce is not just walking away from your spouse, but also dividing assets that are meaningful to you both. Of those assets, the one that results in the most contention may be the house. At the law office of John Powell III., P.C., our experienced family and divorce law attorney can represent you if you are getting a divorce and you both want the house.