My Partner is a Narcissist and I Want a Divorce

Divorcing is never easy, especially when a narcissist is involved. Here is how to prepare.

Going through a divorce is one of the most emotional events a person can experience. There are so many elements involved, from asset division to alimony to child support to child custody. Dealing with these issues is complex enough. Making matters worse is when your spouse has a personality disorder.

Narcissists are especially complicated to deal with because everything is about them. They demand positive attention from others. They have no empathy for others and do not tolerate the opinions of others. Their egos are extremely fragile, making them toxic people to be around. Most narcissists are men, since they tend to be more aggressive and feel more comfortable flaunting their entitled behavior.

So, if you married a narcissist, it is no wonder that you want a divorce. Such a marriage would be hard to tolerate. But getting out is not so easy.

Narcissists will do whatever they can to delay the finalization of the divorce. They may engage in obstruction by wasting time or running up bills. They may refuse to settle and even ruin your reputation.

If you are divorcing a narcissist, you are in for the battle of your life. Here are some ways in which you can prepare.

Find the Right Lawyer

The divorce lawyer you choose needs to know how to handle narcissists. The right attorney knows how to set boundaries and develop effective strategies.

Find a Mental Health Professional

Divorces are emotionally draining; those involving narcissists are especially so. Having a therapist on your side can help you deal with your spouse and reassure you that it is not all in your head.

Keep a Cool Head

When your spouse angers you, do not engage them. This will only fuel more retaliation. Any communication you have with them will be edited to make them the good guy. Instead, ignore them. Better yet, let your lawyer do the talking.

Get Evidence

With narcissists, arguments become “he said/she said” situations. Back up your claims with evidence, such as receipts, telephone records, message exchanges, credit card bills, and anything else you need to prove your case.

Pick Your Battles

Narcissists will argue over everything because they love to win. So let them win some battles. Figure out what is important to you and fight those battles. If you try to fight them all, you will end up exhausted.

Take Care of Yourself

Speaking of exhaustion, do not let yourself get that way. Your body and mind need to be in good shape, so make sure to take care of yourself. Do not get so caught up in your spouse’s drama. Make time for yourself. Eat right and exercise. Get plenty of sleep

Contact a Pearland Divorce Lawyer

Narcissists will do what it takes to complicate the divorce process. They need their egos to be boosted, so they want to be proven right. Getting around this takes a lot of preparation.

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