Protecting Your Business in Texas Divorce Proceedings

Our Pearland, TX divorce attorney provides the professional legal representation you need to protect yourself and your business in Texas divorce proceedings.

In any divorce case, there are important matters pertaining to marital property and assets which must be resolved before a final divorce order can be issued. These have the potential to impact you financially for years into the future. This is particularly true in divorce cases involving business owners. To prevent your spouse from being entitled to a share in your business as part of any divorce settlements or orders issued, it is important to get our experienced Pearland, TX divorce attorney on your side. 

Does My Spouse Have a Right to a Share in My Business in a Texas Divorce?

During a divorce, one of the major issues concerns the division of any marital property and assets. This includes homes, land, household furnishings, automobiles, personal belongings, and investments or money in bank accounts. It also includes shares in any businesses owned by either of the parties involved.

Texas is one of nine states which considers marital assets community property. Under the Texas Family Code, this means that both spouses have an equal share in these assets in the event of a divorce. Situations in which your spouse could be entitled to a portion of your business include:

Ways to Protect Your Business in a Divorce

Filing for a divorce through the Brazoria County Courts could put your business in serious jeopardy. In addition to being forced to accept your former spouse as a partner, they could gain access to trade secrets and proprietary information while having a say in important business matters they know little about. You could also be forced to sell the business or share in all future profits if certain precautions are not taken. Ways to prevent this from happening and protect business include:

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