Issues With COVID-19 Call for Divorce Modification

As the coronavirus forces changes to our normal way of life, so too may a divorce order need to be adjusted. Call a family law attorney today to learn more.

During the coronavirus outbreak, which is ongoing and seems to have no identified end-date in sight, people have had to adjust to working from home, giving up social gatherings, wearing a mask in public places, and more. For parents, adjusting to the new way of life may be especially challenging, and for divorced parents, this statement rings even truer. At the law office of John Powell III, P.C., our family law attorney recognizes that a child custody arrangement that you and your ex-spouse maintained prior to COVID-19 may no longer be appropriate in today’s reality. Even for those who do not have children but who are divorced, parts of the divorce settlement may no longer be sensible. If you need a modification of a divorce order, please call our law firm today.

Divorced Parties are Struggling During COVID-19

Those who are divorced and have a divorce settlement that dictates things like spousal support, child support, and child custody may be impacted by COVID-19. Here is how:

How to Seek a Divorce Modification

Typically, in order to seek a modification of a divorce order, a party must prove that a significant change in circumstances has occurred. For child custody-related matters, a parent may also be able to seek modification by proving that their substantial harm to the child is likely to occur based on the current arrangement. COVID-19 has dramatically changed life for many, a fact to which most courts are sympathetic.

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