How to Handle Inheritance Disputes

Our Pearland, TX estate planning attorney explains common inheritance disputes and how they can be resolved or avoided.

In the aftermath of a loved one’s death, settling his or her estate is one of the many tasks that must be completed. Ensuring beneficiaries get what they are entitled to is an important part of this process. It is also one of the most common parts of the process in which issues arise. Inheritance disputes are common and can ruin relationships between family members. Our Pearland, TX estate planning attorney explains the most common causes and your options in handling them.

Four Common Causes of Inheritance Disputes

Estate planning helps to protect your loved ones and ensures your wishes are conveyed in the event of your passing. One of the most important tasks is determining who will inherit any property and assets you possess. This is one of the most likely areas for misunderstandings and legal disputes to arise.

Inheritance disputes can wreak havoc among family members while costing them significant amounts of time and money. Among the most common causes include:

Options in Dealing with Inheritance Disputes

In addition to hard feelings, inheritance disputes delay the probate process and can cost your intended beneficiaries significant amounts of both time and money. Options in handling these issues include:

Despite these precautions, inheritance disputes can still arise. When they do, formal mediation may be an option. If this does not resolve the issue, you may be able to contest the will through the Brazoria County Courts. In the case of wrongful acts, notify the police and take legal action.

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