Why You Should Avoid New Lawyers Flooding the Market

There are many new attorneys in the marketplace, but that inexperience can hurt clients who need quality legal help.

The legal profession has become incredibly popular in recent years. More and more young people are heading to law schools all over the country and just like anyone else, they hope to get a job after they graduate with their law degree. Today, this means there is a huge influx of new lawyers in the market, and unfortunately, there simply are not enough jobs to accommodate all of them.

As such, many of these new lawyers are hanging up their own shingles and starting their own law firms. They offer services that seem competitive and attractive to new clients in order to bring more clients in. However, there are many reasons those in search of legal help should reconsider before signing an agreement with one of these new attorneys.

You Get What You Pay for

With so many things, you will get what you pay for, and this is true with new attorneys, as well. When law students are looking to bring in new clients, they will offer their services at a very low price. The field of family law is particularly known for this. A new attorney will offer extremely low-cost divorces just to get the experience that is needed to work these cases.

Unfortunately, you will pay for this cheaper service with your final settlement. New attorneys simply do not have the experience to negotiate effectively and get the most favorable outcomes for their clients. A low-cost divorce is not worth it if you are going to pay for it for several years to come.

New Attorneys Learn While Working Your Case

There are certain fields that require the professionals within them to have extensive experience. Consider if you were having heart surgery. Would you want your surgeon to be performing their very first surgery on you? Or would you want them to have assisted in thousands of surgeries before taking the lead on yours? The chances are that you would prefer the latter option.

The field of family law is similar. Unlike surgeons though, lawyers are not required to undergo a residency in order to get the necessary experience. They are not even required to work in a law firm with senior attorneys in order to gain skills in their area of law.

If you are not working with an attorney that has worked thousands of cases prior to yours, it could have permanent and disastrous effects on your life. For example, do you really want someone arguing your child custody case when they have never been in a courtroom before? Do not let an attorney learn their area of law while working on your case. Choose an attorney who has already gained that experience so they can put it to work for you, instead of learning what not to do while working your case.

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