Create a Parenting Plan Based on Your Child's Current Needs

When you make child custody arrangements in Texas, your parenting plan should address both your child’s basic and current needs.

There are numerous issues to consider when creating a child custody plan. In addition to the parents’ needs and scheduling concerns, there are special considerations that come into play with children. Age and developmental levels are major factors, as are their school, sports, recreational, and social activities. The following provides some basic information on creating a parenting plan and tips for addressing your child’s current needs.

Parenting Plan Basics

Under Section 153.002 of the Texas Family Code, making sure the child’s best interests are served is the top priority in making custody arrangements. Parents are encouraged to create and submit a parenting plan before the court, outlining basic arrangements for the child’s care. This plan will include:

It is only when the judge approves of your plan that it becomes a final order. If the judge feels the child’s best interests are not served or his or her health and safety is threatened in any way, this is justification to override the parenting plan.

Addressing Your Child’s Current Needs

In addition to your child’s basic needs, you may need to adjust your parenting plan to accommodate participation in sports and recreational events. You may also need to modify pick up and drop off times due to homework schedules, doctor or dentist appointments, or other important needs that arise.

The Texas Attorney General encourages parents to consider their child’s current needs in terms of the child’s overall age, as well. While children of all ages benefit from having regular contact with parents who are active and engaged in their lives, special considerations based on age include:

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