Refusing to Pay Child Support Comes with Serious Consequences

If you and your child’s other parent are not married or living together and you do not have custody of your child, you are legally obligated to make child support payments. The amount of child support that you must pay will be set by the court, and you have a legal obligation to make these payments on time and in full. Failing or refusing to pay a child support obligation has serious consequences. If you are refusing to pay your child support, or if your ex is refusing to pay child support, here is what you should know:

Who Enforces a Child Support Order?

Once a child support order has been issued by the court, the order must be followed. Any deviations from the order, such as the failure to make a payment, make a payment on time, or make a payment in full can result in enforcement actions from the Texas Office of the Attorney General. The Office of the Attorney General maintains the right to perform myriad enforcement actions, including:

An Experienced Attorney Can Help

If you are behind on your child support payments, or if you are a parent who has not received the child support payments that you are legally owed, working with a skilled Texas child support and family law attorney is a must. Our attorney at the office of John Powell III, P.C. will guide you through your options and help you to understand the law and how to protect your interests. Schedule a consultation today by calling our office directly 281-747-6346.